Sunday, July 9, 2017

Blogging, Tweeting, Linked Inning, Sparking and IFTTTing

Confession; I have never blogged before. 

Since joining Twitter 10 years ago I have tweeted 16.2k times. Twitter has always been more my style because brevity befits my balderdash (ooh i like that). Extending my posts may not be as much a problem as learning the practical mechanics of starting and maintaining something like this.

So this is how I'm proceeding:
  1. Bought the domain via 
  2. Tried to connect my new domain to a new Blogger blog, but had to figure out first how to delete some blog I made a dozen years ago about nothing (I only posted twice) (that doesn't really count as blogging does it?)
  3.  OK, really setting up the Blogger blog and choose the URL because I might someday want a real front page
  4. Set Blogger to redirect to the blog because I don't have that real landing page 
  5. Much Much playing and experimenting with Blogger and layouts and formats and discovering what holes I have in the configurations
That was a whole lot of fun and I see some neat features about the domain tools offered. The SRV tools could allow me to connect potential future lab to real world communication abilities. 😎  But I have to admit a real annoyance that Blogger does not allow HTTPS: redirects with custom domains. regular HTTP needs to die.

Now that I have a blog with a a couple of entries, I ought to connect it to some of the socials I use. I'm not going to connect to Facebook since that's entirely a personal social thing whereas I mix personal and professional in Twitter. You'll find me on LinkedIn too because I hear that I should be there.

My professional presence on social media is encouraged as I am a 2017 Cisco Champion for Collaboration. I'll talk about that another time.

Ah, yes; back to connecting this blog to social media.... IFTTT, or IF This Then That, is a super useful and pretty easy way to make a "trigger" in one thing do "something". In this case I setup an applet that would post to Twitter and LinkedIn whenever I made a blog entry. The post would include the hashtag #Collaboration because that is what hashtags are for. This was real neat right up to the point that I got way too smart and built an applet that would take any of my tweets with #Collab and post that as a blog entry. 
    Don't do that.
Thankfully I stopped all that nonsense because a blog post triggered a tweet which then triggered a blog post of the tweet and on and on. This is like aiming a video camera right at a screen showing the camera's feed. 

I still wanted some of that same functionality but figuring that Blogger should easily be able to tweet or LinkedIn for me I started exploring again. Blogger's Help forums pointed me to some tool that has shut down, then on to which seems to suite me right now. We will see...

Speaking of applets, the new hotness is of course BOTS! There really isn't much difference between applets, apps, bots or all these things except who is using whatever term at any one time. (right?) One of the collaboration tools I'm enjoying lately is Cisco's Spark. It's a mashup of messaging, chat, voice, video, email, file sharing and other general goodness but I will cover that later. Spark has bots and integrations that really enhance and extend it's functionality. I setup a connection in Spark to Twitter so I could Tweet directly from Spark. That worked. Of course if I included the #Collab hashtag the Twitter post then rolled on up into a blog post. NEAT. I cleaned it up even more with another IFTTT applet that would take something I say in a designated Spark room would post directly to my blog. EVEN NEATER.

This is all a very long winded explanation for today's previous posts and a couple I deleted last night from the recursive posting debacle. 
(Remember that "brevity befits my balderdash"? )

This blog really is an extension of my ongoing professional development. There are so many tools and communication modes available now. I really believe understanding their strengths and weaknesses is central to collaboration. 

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