Monday, July 10, 2017

I Need More Microsoft!

The other day I spoke about my desire to build a lab and I've been researching more since then and decided I really should add more Microsoft.
I need more Microsoft!
So I'm changing the equation a little and I think I'll shift more to "the cloud". The is about expanding my toolset after all.

My grand scheme now will involve a Office 365 E3 subscription (at least to begin with), then a Cisco Spark Flex Plan subscription (probably C2) and hopefully host the "On Premises" Cisco infrastructure on a cloud provider, potentially Google Cloud Platform. I will treat that wonderful mashup as a HQ Data Center and then consider my home lab as a remote office / teleworker setup.

I might even just go gang busters and see how quickly and completely I can screw set this up without planning. That would sort of be the ultimate lab - fix a broken thing that you've never touched before - like being handed a Rubik's Cube that's already been jumbled. And you're wearing a blindfold. And boxing gloves.          Just like we have to do every day, right?

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