Thursday, July 13, 2017

If it doesn't kill me, it makes me stronger.

Yesterday I wrote about how a bunch of Collaboration Meeting Rooms decided to self-immolate. Read "This thing is going to kill me." for the backstory.

Since I wrote about the problem I need to update my progress. I am diving much more into how TMS and TMSPE work and connect to Conductor to build a CMR, but in the meantime I need a work around for those who lost their CMR.

Here is a short summary of the temporary workaround. Don't' forget that

Steps to proceed:

  1. Identify the bridges that were deleted 
  2. Compile a list of TMS-based CMRs and CCAs
  3. Merge and reconcile this list, then prioritize the ~50 deleted CMRs
  4. Add new CCA based on the deleted CMR 
  5. Inform users that their bridge has been restored and how it is different
  6. Update the SMR Template in TMS so that if a new CMR is created it would be in a range that does not conflict with any of the CCAs or existing CMRs

The new CCAs will be built as such:
  • Name and Conference Name = the CMR name
  • Incoming Alias = ((bridge\.%EmailName%|%VideoNumber%)@vc\.%domain%\.com|(bridge\.\.%EmailName%|%VideoNumber%)@%domain%\.com)
  • Priority = using the video number from the CMR (this will make them easy to identify later)
  • Conference Template = HD Meeting
  • Role Type = Participant
  • Allow Conference To Be Created = Yes

Differences from a TMS-managed CMR and a Conductor Conference Alias:
Users will not be able to use the TMS portal to edit them
CMRs are linked to an Active Directory account so they are deleted when an employee leaves
If a number (or URI) exists in both TMS and Conductor, the CMR will be connected (this is unrelated to Priority anywhere, it seems to be a default function of the system)

Once this is complete, I will research a little more to see if there is any other possibility to move the CCAs back. During this time we can resume using TMS to create and manage CMRs. If I could not move the CCAs back, then I might as well move the remaining CMRs over to Conductor just in case someone hits the “Regenerate CMRs” button.

TMS = TelePresence Management Suite
CMR = Collaboration Meeting Room (aka video bridge or jabber bridge)

CCA = Conductor Conference Alias

This is short because I have to go do this :)

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