Saturday, July 8, 2017

Let's get things started!

I have decided that some of my thoughts may exceed the 140 characters that Twitter allows so I find myself here wanting to collect thoughts, journal my activities and generally talk about the technology that I love and have built my career around.

Hello there!

Those two words are just one of the many ways we greet each other. But how often do you hear them in the workplace just as a meeting gets started? Probably not much. I find people start a meeting or a conversation with frustration - they do not want to be there, do not have a clear agenda, and might be frustrated actually getting the meeting started. 

There are so many things that make working together hard, and I find it to be my job to make working together easier. I have many years experience working on networks, with phone systems, video conferencing, instant messaging, chat, file sharing, email and oh so many other technologies, but I never loose sight of what it is like to actually do these things.

In the coming months I will share my quest to pass certifications, build a home lab, learn and expand my skills and share what I have learned.
Let's blend technology, psychology, philosophy and a little bit of reckless experimentation.
Are you in?

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