Monday, April 9, 2018

Using the Cisco Room System API's to simplify BlueJeans meetings

Following the code samples at it should be possible to create a "Dial BlueJeans" button that would lead to a dialog to enter the Meeting ID and PIN code to connect to a meeting.  Something similar to this:


You could potentially use a combination of "Custom Dial Pad" and "Prompt for PIN" at their linked GitHub. I'm not a coder and so far that top screenshot is a home panel button based on the "On Button to Dial" sample.

Yes - we have Relay and encourage people to use it for the OneButtonToJoin calendaring, but not every meeting happens like that. We have a contact in the directory that everyone dials for those cases. 

Through this bit of Cisco API work you could put a single button on the Cisco Touch home screen and have an experience very similar to other BlueJeans devices (like a Dolby Conference Phone and Huddle Kit for example).

Advanced mode Boss-type stuff:

Even more.... Since you are gathering the Meeting ID, there is a Customer Satisfaction sample that you could feed it to and have a survey after the call linked to the Meeting ID. The one missing step there is to push that feedback to BlueJeans so it could be rolled into the CommandCenter!

Why am I not doing it myself?

I could code my way out of a paper bag but you would have to hand me a blowtorch: this is past my skill set and time allowance. I've pointed you to some neat API's and given you what I think is a pretty workable idea. 
I'm curious to see what someone can make out of it!

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